George Escobar-Advent Film Group

Thursday, February 14, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:45 PM
Design Design 102
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Design Department


Designing for Cinema: Beyond the Page, Set, Screen, and In-Between


Every word on a script leads to a visual design approach. Bringing that design to life on the set isn’t just about constructing the physical environment, costumes, and props. Designing for cinema encompasses tone, movement, and emotion. And it doesn’t stop there. Post-production elements add other layers of design, including color grading, sound mixing, and music scoring. The pacing of scene, the cadence of the dialogue, and the rhythm of the cuts are all part of the grand design. This lecture will cover how a filmmaker incorporates all of these elements under the pressures of time, budget, and personalities. “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night."


GEORGE ESCOBAR co-wrote and co-directed Oscar nominated “ALONE YET NOT ALONE” (for Best Original Song) and “THE ISAIAH 9:10 JUDGMENT," which was Amazon’s No. 1 faith DVD for over 75 weeks in 2012-13. George also produced and directed “COME WHAT MAY," distributed by Sony/Provident Films, produced “EVERY BOY NEEDS A HERO," released by Capitol Distribution, and most recently co-wrote & produced the upcoming movie, “THE WORLD WE MAKE.”


His next film projects include two historical ’true-story’ features: TRAPPED, a Holocaust survivor story about teenager Anita Dittman, who escapes twice from Nazi prison camps as she sought to reunite with her mother. TRAPPED recently won 1st Runner Up at the Kairos Pro Award. Escobar’s other film, MISSILEMAN, is about Wallace Clauson, America’s top secret weapon during the Cold War.


George was a producing fellow at the American Film Institute Conservatory and co-founder of Advent Film Group. Previously, he was Vice President of Product Development for Discovery Networks, Executive Director of AOL/Time Warner. He holds seven U.S. patents for interactive design and video streaming technologies and is a regular speaker at many film festivals, workshops, and film schools.

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